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Arvostettu kansainvälinen asianajotoimistojen osaamista arvioiva ja asiakastyytyväisyyttä tutkiva The Legal 500 on listannut HPP:n jälleen maan johtavien asianajotoimistojen joukkoon.

Kiitämme lämpimästi asiakkaitamme suosituksista ja luottamuksesta asiantuntemustamme kohtaan.

The Legal 500 2024 suosittelee seuraavia palvelujamme:

Kiinteistöt ja rakentaminen (Tier 1)

”Jari Tuomala is a legend, he has an incredible ability to fix complicated situations with non-professional counterparts, that is why we like him so much. There are several people in the business who have the same knowledge or even better, but none of them are like Jari.”

”They are flexible in scoping assignments to cater to the needs of the client. Can work with small project teams which makes communication easier. Easy and straight forward to communicate with and are very responsive.”

”Leif Laitinen is highly experienced. He is an efficient and likable negotiator who likes to stick to the things that matter for the client.”

”We have had a long-term co-operation with Jari Tuomala and Leif Laitinen. They have advised us in a very satisfactory manner in various property transactions and development matters. We have been able to close numerous transactions with an efficient and cost-effective process.”

”Ilona Syrjälä is a great example of the next generation of lawyers, professional, kind, funny and down to earth.”

”Real estate partner Leif Laitinen organises his team efficiently and makes everybody comfortable with the tasks at hand. Communication is very clear and efficient.”

”Jari Tuomala has has great negations skills. Holistic understanding of the process and client needs.”

Merioikeus ja kuljetus (Tier 1)

”In-depth knowledge and experience of the transport and logistics sector.”

”Nora Gahmberg-Hisinger is well connected, her knowledge and versatile experience are both convincing and impressive.”

”Nora Gahmberg-Hisinger – always there when we need her.”

”Nora Gahmberg-Hisinger’s expertise in maritime law stands out and she is very pleasant to work with.”

”Experience not only within maritime law but also transport law. Practical insights and adaptive attitude.”

”Nora Gahmberg-Hissinger is an easily approachable person with a high level of expertise. Due to her background, she can also take practical matters into account in advance.”

”HPP Attorneys has an experienced maritime and transport team.”

”Partners Matti Komonen and Nora Gahmberg-Hisinger stand out as experienced litigators. They are knowledgeable and efficient.”

Teknologia, Media ja Telecom (Tier 1)

”Our experience was very positive. We will certainly continue to use HPP for future needs in Finland.”

”Excellent understanding of the TMT field and market practice.”

”They have the capability to understand client needs. Excellent understanding of various negotiating situations and capability to adapt various negotiation styles to changing situations without losing control and parties’ trust.”

Kilpailuoikeus (Tier 2)

”Excellent know-how, flexible and client-oriented way of working. Also good collaboration between other practices.”

”Tuomas Saraste is a top-class professional in this field with excellent expertise and an approach that helps the client to reach the best possible outcome.”

”Anna Roubier is a client focused and easy to approach professional with a high attention to quality work and details.”

”Good substance and professional competencies.”

”Tuomas Saraste is brilliant leader in the team. Great understanding of business logic driving the issues.”

Rahoitusjärjestelyt (Tier 2)

HPP’s Banking and Finance practice offers personal and comprehensive collaboration, where many years of cooperation gives the trust needed to let HPP drive processes seemingly independently. The comprehensive knowledge and experience of the team members means that the client can feel secure that its best interests are taken care of.”

The partners comprehensive knowledge and capability to drive a process leads to minimising unnecessary administrative work at the client end.”

Collaboration work with HPP’s banking and finance team has always been very convenient. The team truly understands its clients’ needs.”

Three key factors we have valued: Expertise, experience and problem-solving capability in matters.”

Yritysjärjestelyt (Tier 3)

The individuals at HPP truly stand out for several exceptional qualities that set them apart from their competitors. Their commitment to excellence and the qualities we have valued in them include exceptional service, market expertise and specialised expertise.”

HPP’s team is known for providing an outstanding and prompt service to clients. Their responsiveness and dedication to meeting clients’ needs are qualities that make them stand out in the legal field.”

One of the standout qualities of HPP is their exceptional understanding of the market, which is particularly noteworthy in the legal aspects of the energy sector. Their deep knowledge of legislation and regulations in this field is unparalleled.”

Specific standout partners and associates at HPP bring a high level of specialised expertise to the table. Their in-depth knowledge of renewable energy, including wind and solar power, allows them to provide tailored advice that addresses the unique challenges and opportunities in these sectors.”

The team is very skilled and has high capacity.”

Björn Nykvist is very experienced and well-connected.”

Andrew Cotton is very easy to work with. He is trained in both English and Finnish Law and knows how to easily explain any concept specific to local law.”

The approach of Antti Säiläkivi to any and all corporate legal matters is outstanding. Antti and his team can handle all of our legal questions effectively and quickly. Antti Säiläkivi is the go-to corporate legal guy. His experience, capabilities and understanding of our business are simply magnificent. No issue goes unsolved, and we can count on premium delivery – makes your life easy.”

Riidanratkaisu (Tier 3)

Outstanding knowledge in all areas of dispute resolution.”

Tatu Jaarinen, newly elected partner, is an exceptional lawyer. Tatu is very focused, analytical, honest and easy to trust.”

Mikko Leppä is by far the most professional dispute lawyer we have been working with, very easy to get along with. Together with his associate Anna-Maria Svinhuvud, they also were exceptionally skilled in communicating even the most difficult details in a way that clients fully understood them.”

Great dispute resolution team. Great to work with.”

Trust, trust, trust. They deliver and you can 100% trust them.”

With HPP’s dispute resolution team I never have to feel like I’m working with an unwieldy organisation. Instead, their key individuals can always be reached directly and I can discuss with a person who is on top of our case.”

Verotus ja yritysrakenteet (Tier 3)

Fast and reliable.”

Jaakko Klemettila’s knowledge of local Finnish tax matters is impressive and his advice has been instrumental.”

The level of local tax knowledge and service have been outstanding. The level of advice we have received was of very high quality. The communication has been very good and the team has always made themselves available if any sudden questions and queries arose.”

Työoikeus (Tier 3)

Työoikeuden osaamisalueemme arvioitiin nyt ensimmäisen kerran työoikeuden palvelualueen kasvavan menestyksen mukaisesti osakkaamme Henna Wiklundin johdolla.

Henna Kinnunen is very responsive and easy to approach. She has wide knowledge.”

Excellent service, attentive. Knows our business thoroughly.”

We have been mainly dealing with Visaperttu Vasala, whose expertise in the field of employment law has been of great value to our organisation. He is easy to reach and provides high-quality legal services in a timely manner.”

Henna Kinnunen provides fast and to-the-point advice without extra hassle.”

Immateriaalioikeudet (Firms to Watch)

Vaikka Immateriaalioikeudet ei vielä arvoitukaan varsinaisella Tier-tasolla, on osaamisemme lähtenyt kasvuun taannoin HPP:lle nimitetyn osakas Henrik af Ursinin johdolla.


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